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Dorrie M
‪Plymouth‬, ميتشجان53 مساهمة
زوجان •
‪I love discovering little art galleries that cater to local talent, that aren't pretentious, and that are run by real artists with a great sense of business. Not as easy to find as you might think. In Manistee, MI, however, you will find just that on River Street, at Daybreak Gallery & Studio. As we walked into one of the beautifully restored historic buildings on River Street, we were greeted by a young guy working clay into vessels on a pottery wheel right in the front window. He was friendly, smiling as he molded his clay. Within minutes, he told us he was the owner of the shop. As we walked from artwork to artwork, he told us a bit about each local artist who created the work and his thoughts on the work, all with great enthusiasm and passion. The space is about 1,000 feet. The walls are painted white – perfect for displaying paintings and photographs, the ceiling is tin. Our host, Schyler Binkley, has found creative ways to display all of the work, from old cabinets, to cement bricks with doors placed across, easels and more. There is a view of the river on the back porch of his space as well. He has many of his own beautiful pottery works displayed for sale throughout the gallery. We got a lesson in wood fired vs kiln fired pieces as we perused.

Our conversation turned to the town of Manistee. There is a rebirth happening in the historic little town. Schyler and his family seem to be instrumental in helping this happen. This little portion of River street is fast becoming the “arts district”, with Daybreak, Anne’s Bookstore, a soon to be live music performing and recording venue, and the incredibly restored Vogue Theater directly across the street from the gallery, which is run by family of Schyler. Schyler also has a family member who runs a consignment shop just down the street.

The gallery is not intimidating – this was an important factor as the business was formed. Schyler and his business partner, Calli Laundre wanted a space that was accessible to all – art lovers, artists, tourists. At the time when we walked in, classical music was playing. As we chatted, Schyler talked of his other passion, playing music, and we were given a sampling of his punkish/rock style from a live recorded show. As we chatted, other visitors popped in, many our host knew by first name.

We did purchase one of Schyler’s wood fired pieces. We look forward to adding to our collection!

The gallery is enjoying its 3rd year on River Street, but is still a hidden gem. Schyler is looking at new ideas to make the gallery even more visitor friendly. If you find yourself in and around the little town of Manistee, summer or winter, take some time to stroll down River Street and stop by Daybreak Gallery & Studio – you will be glad you did!

There is a strong sense of community among the business owners along River Street. They are supportive of one another and are united in creating a cultural hub that will draw visitors. I get the sense that Schyler Binkley is an emerging arts leader in the community. He will be one to watch as the revitalization of Manistee continues.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 30 نوفمبر 2014
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