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‪Minneapolis‬, ‪Minnesota‬23 مساهمة
الأصدقاء • ‪يناير 2018‬
‪I went to see the film "The Greatest Showman" this afternoon. This is the first time that I have been to the Chan Theater in the past year, and I was astonished at the lack of staff on hand as well as the condition of the theater and restrooms. Today is Martin Luther King Day. They had two people on staff that were working the concessions stand while a long line of people formed at and out the door (with the outdoor temperature around +4 degrees plus the windchill). We had to wait about five minutes to purchase our tickets at the self-serve ticket kiosk. As we walked past the concession stand, we were surprised that there was no one to take our tickets and direct us to the right theater. Anyone could have just walked into the theater to watch a movie!

After we entered the theater, we had to search for our seats. The seats were fine, the film projection was fine, and the audio was fine.

After the movie ended, we went to use the restroom, and it was dirty. The ceiling panel over the handicapped stall in the women's restroom was missing. It was a very creepy experience. There was popcorn all over the carpet in the hallway, and we spent 2.5 hours in the theater without speaking to an employee. Although I have enjoyed going to this theater since I moved to Chan in 2001, I have decided that I will travel a little farther and pay a little more to support another theater.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 15 يناير 2018
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‪League City‬, تكساس228 مساهمة
العائلة • ‪ديسمبر 2017‬
‪This cinema is not easy to find. The website for it shows it is part of the Five Star Cinema Group, but is actually called Chanhassen Cinema. We went here recently to watch The Last Jedi and I had to actually create the listing with TripAdvisor as it wasn't in here yet. Unfortunately they listed it by the group name and not the actual cinema name.

This cinema is the only one the broader area that doesn't sell tickets online, which means we were able to see a hot/popular movie without it selling out way in advance. The actual movie wasn't packed, maybe 1/3 full. The audio was excellent in the theater with the Star Wars movie having plenty of dynamic range to pull you into the action. This wasn't the cleanest cinema we've been to. They didn't clean it between movies when it was shut for cleaning, but rather after people had started seating for the next showing.

It has a lot of potential given the quality of the picture, seats and sound, but they aren't doing themselves any favors with not being on Fandango, not selling tickets online, etc. This was probably the only theater in the areas not selling out of The Last Jedi over the Christmas holiday. With some better management and marketing this place could really pick up some additional activity, but until then, this is a nice little hidden gem to catch that hot movie without the crowds.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 3 يناير 2018
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