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Jean H
‪Pleasant Prairie‬, ‪Wisconsin‬296 مساهمة
أبريل 2021
‪I recall the haunting song by Bobbie Gentry. I imagined myself that girl sitting there, probably staring at her plate, twirling her fork around, unable to take a bite at the shocking news she just heard, as her family sits around her talking about Billy Joe McAlister while she wants to run, scream, cry out in disbelief.
So, when we took a trip to Mississippi, I knew this had to be a stop. The city has done a nice job of marking the city bridge with a bright historic marker with information on both sides. The plaque on the bridge gives its official name and the date 1954 when it was built.
But, this bridge isn't on Choctaw Ridge, it's a few blocks from the Greenwood Courthouse. No matter, the double-sided plaque tells the story of Bobbie Gentry, it's a bridge in her hometown, and that was enough for this fan.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 8 يونيو 2021
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485 مساهمة
نوفمبر 2019
‪On Grand Blvd, on the edge of Greenwood, MS there is a bridge over the Tallahatchie River that has a very nice and comprehensive two-sided historical marker regarding singer Bobbie Gentry, her general career, and the 1967 song and subsequent movie, Ode to Billie Joe. This is definitely NOT the “Tallahatchie Bridge” of the MOVIE. That bridge, as documented on the roadside marker was actually over the Yazoo River on the other side of town and was a truss style bridge that the movie people thought looked more authentic. It has since been torn down and replaced.

Now regarding this 1954 bridge, research on the interweb led to a nice write up by a former classmate of Miss Gentry’s. Apparently, after her parents split up, she moved to Greenwood to live with her grandparents and attended elementary school just down the street from the Tallahatchie River and the bridge where this marker is located. So while it may not be the fake bridge of the movie, it may indeed be the bridge of her memories and song. She’ll have to make that clear. Causing further confusion, Google Maps calls the river here the Yalobusha River, but on the construction plaque on the bridge by the official people, it’s clearly stated to be over the Tallahatchie.

All of that said, this bridge is on the edge of a beautiful old school residential neighborhood in an upscale area of town. The homes alone are worth the drive, just for the southern charm. On the opposite side of the bridge are sweeping agricultural fields. It’s easy to park on either side and one side of the bridge has a sidewalk you can use to cross it. If you’re into all this, you’ll need to stop in order to read all of the material on the back of the red historic marker sign.

If you want even more, stay on Grand Blvd which changes name to Money Rd/ Mississippi Rt 518 and drive 11mi under 20 min to Money, MS where there’s another bridge (on your left by the fire dept)over the Tallahatchie, but again, just an arch bridge, no trusses. On this trip, you can see the restored country store/gas station in little Money with a detailed historic marker about the death of poor young Emmett Till and his horrible lynching in 1955. As on all of the back roads down here, puffs of cotton are all over the shoulders and cotton fields are aplenty with the large rolls (modules) of harvested cotton sitting here and there, replacing old fashioned bales.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 20 نوفمبر 2019
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‪Daytona Beach‬, فلوريدا394 مساهمة
زوجان • أبريل 2018
‪After you visit the grave of Robert Johnson ,drive about 3 or 4 miles north and you'll come to Highway 559 on your left. That is where the original Tallahatchie Bridge was from the story of Billy Joe. It was a wooden bridge that burned down and was replaced. There is nothing there to speak of the bridge or its past. Back in town there is a bridge That has a road marker dedicated to Bobbie Gentry but that's not the bridge of song‬
كُتب بتاريخ 17 أبريل 2018
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‪Macon‬, فرنسا233 مساهمة
نوفمبر 2017
‪Si vous connaissez Ode to Billie Joe de Bobbie Gentry ou la version Française de Joe Dassin, le Tallahatchie Bridge est au nord de Greenwood et pas facile a trouver et certainement pas la ou indiqué par Trip Advisor qui n'a rien compris à mes explications pour la création de la fiche. Sortir de Greenwood par Grand Blv. Une plaque à l'honneur de Bobbie Gentry est présentée devant le pont...mais ce n'est pas le bon pont. Il faut continuer sur Money road pendant plusieurs km jusqu'au croisement avec Sunny Side Road. Le pont est la. Ce n'est qu'un pont. Mais si vous connaissez la chanson cela vous fera un souvenir. Sinon ne perdez pas votre temps. Ce n'est qu'un pont semblable à beaucoup d'autres.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 7 ديسمبر 2017
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