‪The Grande Yum Yum House and The Torch Theatre, Goods and Gallery‬
‪The Grande Yum Yum House and The Torch Theatre, Goods and Gallery‬
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Sheryl M
‪Great Falls‬, ‪Montana‬1,898 مساهمة
5.0 من 5 دوائر
زوجان • ‪يوليو 2017‬
‪This is one place the whole family will enjoy.
We didn't check out the Torch Theatre, but the Yum Yum House definitely lives up to its name.
You walk into the store and are immediately bombarded with all the wonderful things there are to try. Canned goods, handmade popcorn in a cornucopia of flavors and the old candy the kids could get back in the 50's and 60's.
The owner has sample dishes of several of the popcorn flavors to try.
We got pickled mushrooms, bread and butter pickles, huckleberry popcorn, caramel corn and Butterfinger candy popcorn.
He even carried handmade soaps that were beautiful and smelled marvelous. I bought one for my girlfriend who loves handmade soap.
He even had T-shirts with pictures of his dog on the front of them. And his dog was in the store to greet everyone who came in.
There were also toys and souvenirs and many other items to check out.
He makes everything in the back of his store, so it's all fresh.
This is a great place to wander through, check out everything and purchase those special goodies to enjoy and treasure after you leave Virginia City.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 3 سبتمبر 2017
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