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‪سبتمبر 2020‬
‪This is a lovely little park situated on the Contoocook River. Beautifully maintained with a boat launch and plenty of room for parking. There are also porta potties. It's a nice area to park and stroll around as well, as the road leading to the park has a gorgeous covered bridge. Did not access the water, just stopped to look around for memories sake as my great aunt and uncle used to own the property many moons ago. They would be so tickled to see how it has been preserved.‬
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Ellen M
Hancock52 مساهمة
الأصدقاء • ‪يوليو 2017‬
‪Cross through a lovey covered bridge to reach the parking area for Powder Mill Pond in Greenfield, NH. Powder Mill Pond is part of the Contoocook River, which flows north winding its way from its source in Jaffrey, NH and empties into the Merrimack River. The town of Greenfield borders the towns of Bennington and Hancock. There is a damn in Bennington which creates the wide expanse of Powder Mill Pond. If you travel upstream or south toward Hancock and Peterborough the trip is a river experience. Travel downstream or north and you enter the pond. For folks that love to fish or bird watch the pond offers ample opportunity.
This body of water is frequented by canoes and kayaks and only electric motors are allowed on larger craft.
I have paddled this river in the spring, summer and fall. For families, early summer is the best time as the water is warm and the current heading toward Hancock is light. In the spring the river has a surprising current that may take the less experienced paddler by surprise. At times if there has been little rain the river can get too shallow to navigate in late summer. The fall offers spectacular foliage which is a photographers dream.
As you travel upstream you will only see a handful of homes. Most of the river feels secluded which makes seeing wildlife more likely. Depending on your energy level you can paddle all the way to Peterborough and back which will take about 4 to 5 hours at a leisurely pace. Finding a picnic area along the way depends on the water level. Stay away from fallen trees and wear your life jacket if you are not a good swimmer. In the spring the water is cold so this trip is recommended for experienced outdoors folks.
The parking area has plenty of room for trailers and a good launch site. For folks who just want to picnic or fish from shore there are plenty of pretty spots. In the summer months there are two Port o Johns, one of which is handicap accessible.
This is a carry in carry out park so please take your trash with you. There is a campground nearby, Greenfield State Park. The town of Hancock has a lovely historic Inn as well as good lunch spot, Fiddlehead's Cafe. You can find a gas station in Bennington on route 202, there is a grocery store in the town of Antrim, also on route 202.‬
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