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‪Dover‬, ‪New Hampshire‬9,469 مساهمة
‪On a daytrip to Wolfeboro, I stopped by the Wolfeboro Public Library for some research.

To get to the Non-Fiction/Reference section, I passed through a large Fiction section with several rows of stacks. Nearby, I saw a modest-sized Young Adult section. During my visit, a teenage boy was reading a book there.

I found the Non-Fiction/Reference section to be good-sized. It had a lot of travel books and history books.

Of particular interest to me was “History of the United States Naval Operations in World War II” which was a 14-volume set with a separate Index volume.

I also found a number of books about New England in general as well as its history.

From a librarian, I learned that library can provide access to numerous databases for historical and genealogical research.

On the opposite side of the library, I found that the Children’s and Juvenile area was considerably larger.

I thought that there were enough seating areas scattered about the library for people to be able to maintain social distancing while still enjoying a leisurely library visit.

Overall, I thought the Wolfeboro Public Library had enough to offer travelers for a visit for research or reading on a rainy day during vacation.

The library is all on one floor. And, there’s a break in the sidewalk to provide wheelchair access to the library.

I rate Wolfeboro Public Library at 4.75 and can recommend a visit.

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