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بمفردك • نوفمبر 2016
‪Ice House has four Rinks. It offers public skating, ice skating lessons, hockey leagues an also a venue for hockey team play. I was interested in the public skating which utilizes Rinks 1 & 2. The rinks are very large and the temperature is kept on the cool side. The ice is well maintained by the staff and a professional Zamboni .which cuts the ice. They play music loud enough to hear but not loud enough to be annoying. It cost $15 on a Sunday with no time constraints if there are no scheduled events which could open up a 12-6 pm slot. Watch out for criss-crossing skaters and kids but that is tru for any public skating venue. There are vending machines, a cash only snack bar and an area near Rink #1 for cafeteria tables to eat on. There are locker facilities which are small and narrow, the bathrooms have an open view to the locker room for men. There is a Pro Shop that I have not tried. I never went to one of their Skate Jams which accommodates families nor have I participated in their adult hockey leagues Rinks number # 2,3, and 4 have an upstairs viewing area to watch mostly hockey which is a lot warmer than the ground floor level. their hours are: Mon-Thursday 5:30-11:30, Friday 5:30-12 am, Saturday 5:30-10:30 and Sunday 7am-10:30 pm.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 11 ديسمبر 2016
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