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‪I got my class on LivingSocial as my BD gift from my friends. The deal includes 1 friend you can take with you for a ride,but actually, you can take 2 for an extra $35.00. As far as I'm concerned - totally worth it, because your friends WILL get nervous much more than you because, unlike you, they won't have any sense of control - they could use another person next to them. The total weight of the 3 of you is not to exceed 600lb and you are still responsible for a tax of $30.00

My instructor was Carlos Velasquez - he was great. Although they'll tell you you are gonna do all the work - don't try to memorize the whole panel of gauges - you won't. I was mostly just looking at 3 of them. You instructor will have your back at every turn and also handle all the communications, so try to relax and just follow the instructions but also enjoy the gorgeous views. Also, once the plane is airborne - it pretty much flies itself. Even when you make turns - it levels itself back. You'll go about as high as 3000ft. Another good news, in case you entertain a thought of getting a license - this class counts towards the 40 recommended hrs before you can take a test - you'll get a pilot's log at the end. Highly recommended and addictive ))‬
كُتب بتاريخ 4 مايو 2012
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