‪Balunjali Kayak Tours‬
‪تجديف بقوارب الكياك وركوب الزوارق‬
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‪ساوثبورت، كوينزلاند، أستراليا‬

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‪Balunjali Kayak Tours‬
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Melbourne4 مساهمات
‪We'd been to the Gold Coast a few times before but this trip we discovered something we never new existed. Sitting out around the corner from Surfers Paradise is and area untouched by time. It's called Wave Break Island and South Stradbroke Island. We got there on a Balunjali kayak tour (www.balunjali.com.au) - what a great experience. We thought the kayaking might be a bit too hard but boy were we surprised to find it wasn't an d more enjoyable than I expected (given I've never lifted a paddle before!). We snorkeling with the most amazing fish, had dolphins swimming between the kayaks and experienced Aboriginal culture the way it has been for thousands of years. These islands are amazing and a fantastic setting to see the local nature - wallabies on the island and heaps of birdlife, dolphins, fish - you name it. Have a go at this next time you go to the Goldie - it only takes 5 hours but what an eye opener.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 19 يونيو 2009
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