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الأصدقاء • أكتوبر 2019
‪This is a great small German town Oktoberfest! First off, beer comes in HALF GALLON MILK JUGS! Yes, I said it. They know how to drink their beer here. Normally there's TV's and a big screen saver u to watch the football games too if you're into that (it's a big Ohio State and Notre Dame fan area). There are 2 long food tents with your normal Oktoberfest faire, and some normal festival food if German style is not your thing. Fyi, they tend to run out of sauerkraut balls pretty early because they're delicious.

There's a large artisan area that takes up 2 large tents. There's also some kiddy games here for the younger crowd to play to get little trinkets and prizes. There is a seller from Germany that is always selling hats and the pins and feathers to go with them. It will always be busy, just wait your turn and ask questions. They're super helpful! They'll even measure your head for just the right size hat for you!

There's a tent on the other side from the artisan area that has some gambling and adult games if that's your scene; pull tabs, black jack, poke, chuck-a-luck/big 6, mug slide, etc. There's tons of portapots and beer trucks scattered at every end and intersection. There is craft beer, including ciders scattered around, but the main beer ticket buying spot is right in the middle. They take cash or credit! There are bands playing all over the grounds; the gazebo normally has the traditional oompa-pa band, and local favorites who play a variety of music that everyone can dance and sing along to are in 2 tents opposite it. You never hear the bands over each other which is nice.

There's plenty of picnic tables throughout the grounds, and they have a great parade Sunday afternoon around 2 that goes down the main Street. So it's definitely a festival for all ages. Just know it normally gets a little crazy later at night with half gallons of beer being passed around. It's definitely worth a drive to check out!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 28 نوفمبر 2019
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