‪Goose Lake State Recreation Area‬

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‪Pahrump‬, نيفادا17 مساهمة
‪"Where's the Lake?"‬
زوجان • أغسطس 2018
‪This is a basic state park setup; back-in RV spots with water & electric (a dump station is provided at the exit) and tent camping. Lots of trees in the camping area for good shade. Deer came through the campground daily and ate fallen apples and played in the sprinklers. The two bathrooms were fairly primitive (but with flush toilets) and had one shower each. Even though this is called Goose Lake, there was no lake and we didn't see any geese, but we enjoyed our visit and will return on our next trip through the area.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 2 سبتمبر 2018
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Ray L
‪Prineville‬, ‪Oregon‬14 مساهمة
‪Stae RV Park‬
زوجان • مايو 2014
‪We took our fifth wheel trailer down to Somerville, CA. to visit relatives, used the 395 route from Central Oregon. We were just at the border of Or. and Ca. and decided to take a break. There was an Oregon State Park called "Goose Lake RV Park". Just $22.00 a night with water hook up and electricity. The entrance before the gate had the black water and a fresh water facilities. So we used those before entering. I talked to the camp host and asked him some details of the park. He said they were all 20 amp hook ups but two were 30 amp. He said one 30 amp was available so I used it. The park has a walking trail, day use area and some kiosk data boards telling of the history of the lake. The lake is almost completely dry but according to the history it always has been. Nice park plenty of room for our lab to exercise. We enjoyed it so much we stopped there again on our way back from Ca.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 14 يونيو 2014
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