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Alicia G
‪Salem‬, ‪Oregon‬44 مساهمة
‪Not the best one I have been to‬
العائلة • ديسمبر 2016
‪This is the 4th Escape Room that my family and I have done. We got a Groupon which made it a very good price for the whole group. I feel like with the other escape rooms that we have done that it has been more of an experience. This one was just kind of a side thing that the movie theater offers. There's not really a focus on the actual escape room and participants. To get started they wanted to start us early because we got there a few minutes early and they had a few other groups coming in later in the evening. Since one of our family members was not there yet we opted to wait until our scheduled time. Unlike other escape rooms we were told we could come and go as we would like during our time. The manager gave us a quick overview and left the room. He said he would have a walkie talkie on him so that if we needed clues we could call for him. The room was very narrow and very warm. It was hard to move around. We were given 50 minutes instead of the normal 60 minutes. The puzzles were challenging but I feel like if we would have had 60 minutes we could have solved all of them. One thing I was not impressed with or happy with was the fact that the manager kept interrupting us to see how we were doing both through the walkie talkie and by coming to the door. I found this very distracting. He kept saying that he left the walkie talkie in his office and was wondering if we needed anything. I did not like that it didn't seem like he had any idea what we were doing. In other escape rooms I have done they watch and see how your are doing throughout the entire allotted time. Overall we had an ok time. This is the first one that we have done where we did not make it out but I feel if we did not have all of the distractions and we would have had the normal 60 minutes we probably would have. Oh one last thing that I did not care for was at the end the manager came in about 10 minutes after our time was up and asked us how we liked it. We asked him if he could let us know what part we were missing and if he could elaborate a little and he told us that he had 4 other groups coming in that night and he didn't have time. Other places that I have gone to have done a debriefing afterwards and gone over things and answered questions. I think they just need to polish the whole experience up a bit before I would recommend them to anyone else.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 29 ديسمبر 2016
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