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‪You have to earn this one‬
يناير 2021
‪Man, this one is in the middle of now where! we were trying to find Cenote Chucum but somehow missed the sign/turnoff and Yax Ha was on our list but as a no go since it was bushwacking to get there. We saw the sign and some old guy charged us 30 pesos to enter. All he said was '2km pretty water' Made the drive, couple scratches on the car since the weeds are closing in on the road. If you are using your GPS and google maps the pin that you are using is exactly where the cenote is.

Got there - no body was there, I mean nobody. Found the stair case, had a look. Layer of mosquitos and a bat or two flying around but we decided to go for it.

Go figure, right when we were headed down the ladder (about 10 steps not far) a SUV pulls up with a family of 6 and 3 mountain bikers rode up. So we went from nowhere to 10 people just like that.

This one is nice and you do have to earn it but the cenotes just up the road Cenote X'batun and DZONBAKAL are a few minutes drive up the road and are real - real nice!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 11 يناير 2021
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