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‪Soddy Daisy‬, ‪Tennessee‬343 مساهمة
3.0 من 5 دوائر
العائلة • ‪يناير 2014‬
‪I got a groupon for half price admission to Puttville. It just opened. The normal price is $5 a person but I got I think 3 people in for $7. The place is pretty big. I liked the way they set up the putt putt areas. They have several nifty greens that include sand traps, going over hills, around corners, etc. I found it challenging and it was not a boring course.

We went on a Tuesday afternoon and it was mostly empty. Just our group and one other group. The employee was friendly. The place was clean but could use some more decorations to liven it up a bit. They have a couple arcade games that give out tickets. My 6 year old boys enjoyed going there and playing putt putt golf and arcade games with their friends.

They rent out the whole place for parties and have a party room. Would be a cool place to rent out for party. It is located right next to the Amigos in East Ridge. Good location on main drag. The parking lot kinda is set up weird but there is plenty of parking. They said you can play over and over in one visit if you want to go around the course again.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 5 فبراير 2014
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