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jim t
جلاسكو, UK36 مساهمة
سبتمبر 2015
‪spent a Saturday afternoon and night in this hotel as a birthday treat in September hotel busy (wedding Fare) 20 minutes to access car park due to taxis and mini buses blocking hotel entrance further 15 mins to book in room had lovely view of loch decor very tired. Restaurant for dinner food nice staff attentive although menu has surcharges on most items breakfast self service buffet style not very warm overall experience a let down. J T. ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 16 أكتوبر 2015
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‪Cheadle‬, UK201 مساهمة
‪We recently visited the Haven Spa at Lodge on the Loch for my sisters wedding. We booked a package in advance for the day before the wedding. When we arrived, we were supposed to be greated with bucks fizz and chocolates- which never arrived. I had a massage which was very nice, and my sister (the bride) had a manicure to start with. Unfortunately the manicure was horrendous, they had only used one coat of very thin pink nail varnish so you could see straight through it, and filed her nail down so they were uneven. She asked for a french manicure but was told they had run out of white for the tip so would beige do?!

The manager then turned up and offered us 3 turkish delights in an otherwise eaten box of chocolates, stating that the bride from the previous day had eaten the rest. Then he offered us a single jam dougnut on a plate with a tunnochs teacake. Fair to say this was not the pamering experience we had imagined so far. After our first treatment, he asked my sister to pay for us all an that it had to go on one card as it was booked together. At this point I politely asked for a discount given that our packages should have involved bucks fizz etc. He said he would give us 10% off and let us use the facilities (both of which come when you are a hotel guest anyway!!) when we told him this he wasnt happy. I was booked for a mini manicure and pedicure in the afternoon as part of the package which he told me they do not do?!! Then he said (very agressively) "well what do you want?" i said id not had a pedicure before and he replied "well thats obvious". At which point I said lets just leave it and i'll pay for what ive had, he wasnt happy about this either but then offered me a pedicure for free after about 20 minutes of agreesiveness! He wouldnt take no for an answer so we agreed to come back in the afternoon for the rest of our treatments. But when we left we were so upset by his attitude that we asked the reception at the hotel to cancel it for us as we genuinely felt threatened by him (and we're not wimps!) . We then sent my brother to get some of our money back! :) The other staff, although pleasent, didnt know what we were having either and the whole thing felt very unorganised. I should make it clear that this is a seperately run company to the hotel (Which was amazing).

We ended up having to run into Helensburgh to get her nails fixed a few hours before the wedding (which i can thoroughly recommend 'Top To Toe' nail salon)

This really was a horrendous experience and so sad as it really did ruin what was supposed to be a great girly day before the wedding.

I would recommend anyone thinking of visiting the spa to try Cameron House or one of the others in the area until it changes management which will hopefully be soon.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 29 سبتمبر 2010
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