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Virginia69 مساهمة
الأصدقاء • فبراير 2019
‪The blue bonnets are beginning to blossom around the Shooting Star museum’s grounds. Make sure and schedule a visit during the museum’s bluebonnet festivities in March and April. A great place to hike groomed paths and enjoy the blooms and outdoor solitude, along with a chance to wander through the museum’s military memorabilia and uniform display for FREE! A wonderful family run museum with very knowledgeable attendants to engage with about their collections. There is also a room full of beautiful quilts to admire and purchase. Free parking and no cost for admission is an added bonus to a carefree way to spend an enjoyable couple of hours in the scenic Texas countryside. Enjoyed my visit very much. Looking forward to returning for the blue bonnet festivities in a few weeks.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 24 فبراير 2019
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سان أنطونيو, تكساس2,331 مساهمة
العائلة • مارس 2017
‪I heard about this place at another event and they were having their 16th Annual Bluebonnet Walk. I searched online and didn't find reviews or much info but it sounded worth checking out. It is literally in the "middle of nowhere" but closer to Castroville than Devine. Either way you go though, the roads are really rough, gravely roads the entire way. There were three people there that were somewhat eager to greet you as if happy you made it all the way out. The resident dog "Joey" was friendly as well. They have two metal type buildings with one housing quilts/textiles as well as military uniforms and such from different wars. The other building has a couple of small planes, some vintage vehicles (in need of repairs), several sidecar motorcycles (some rusted), all sorts of engines and an eclectic assortment of other sort of things. If you are into a hodgepodge of gathered stuff then you might enjoy some of it but personally our group felt it was a total waste of time. Things are not displayed well, it was musty smelling and there were mice droppings all around some areas. It appeared more to be someone who collected all these sorts of things and just opened the doors to share with others. We thought they were going to have rides in vintage cars and a food truck but they didn't. We saw some bags of chips, open bottles of wine and maybe some snacks. They advertised hiking trail but this was actually the gravel road on the property that you enter and exit on. It being called the Bluebonnet Walk and advertised as a carpet of flowers, you would assume there would be tons of them but NOT. There were a few small patches and that was it. There is no entrance fee but they do accept donations. We would never go back primarily because the drive was not worth the site. Now again if you are totally into these type of items and like to "chat" amount this stuff then you might enjoy it. The flyers and such made it appear more than it was. I've listed it as less than an hour visit but again if you start talking and really get into the items you could spend more time. This was not very entertaining for smaller children.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 19 مارس 2017
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