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‪Don't do it. Dress code? REALLY?‬
يونيو 2011
‪A friend from Mexico came to visit me in Brownsville while I was there for work. We decided to check out Hush in Harlingen, Tx. Dressed as a every day person we had jeans/t-shirts on. Once we arrived after driving 30 mins or more to the club they stopped us at the door saying that there was a dress code policy. Opps I was wearing sandals, Yes Sandals they turned me away because I had sandals on. Lets remember this is Texas its only 80+ degrees and its a queer bar. At the same time being told no sandals no service I seen at least two guys with ball caps on and cocked sideways. Tell me, you can't wear sandals but you can wear a cap that would break a dress code policy much more than what I had on?
Don't waste your time‬
كُتب بتاريخ 14 يونيو 2011
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