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‪Überlingen‬, ألمانيا532 مساهمة
زوجان • يوليو 2015
‪To share my experience is simple: In German wie call these shop "Ramschladen". Translated into English , this means that the business offers you bad goods.Der jewelry is mass produced, the braclets equally broken. The staff are rude. The ladies are quite unfriendly. Sorry, saving your money is better than these stuff. Otherwise have a good drink - it makes your happier than buying bad bracelets and clothes.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 29 يوليو 2015
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Ascot71 مساهمة
‪Shop with Caution‬
زوجان • يونيو 2014
‪I took my partner here for some treat shopping. My partner is not very good at letting me buy clothes for her so the lady serving held no bars helping me persuade her to buy an outfit. My partner was having to be strongly encouraged so confirmed before purchasing that I could return the goods if she changed her mind. The lady confirmed that if I kept the receipt and she did not wear the clothes that would not be a problem. In the end I spent just under 300 EUR. When we got home my partner found a rip in the handbag and because she was conscious of the money I spent said she wanted to take that and a couple of other small items back. All amounting to about 90 EUR. We went back confidently thinking this would not be a problem but we were surprised and upset when the lady completely denied saying it. I reminded her that we would still be spending just under 200 EUR with them but they refused to refund the items. They said we could have store credit but we were leaving the next day and my partner wanted to reduce the money I spent not get other clothes. I felt powerless at this point, I explained that I would share my experience on trip advisor but she did not seem to care at all. I spoke to the local tourist information and they shared my disappointment and were aware of the power of trip advisor so she said she would have a talk to the lady for me. However, there was nothing that would change her mind. Her response was she was fine for me to share my experience with you all. So unfortunately for me that is the only thing I can do however, hopefully this will help others avoid making the same mistake.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 23 يونيو 2014
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