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pat c
‪Madison‬, ‪Wisconsin‬50 مساهمة
العائلة • يوليو 2018
‪Was not open directly at Noon. The hours are Noon to 2pm. This may change later since the move to this building. Very limited to staff on weekends. we visited on July 14, 2018 The very pleasant woman that finally unlocked the door, was trying to give a short tour to us and was continually interrupted by other staff stopping in or were there to work on their website updates' the etiquette of the others was horrible and in poor taste. We could see the frustration of our tour guide and the humiliation. This made for a confusing tour and scrambled information. I felt our tour guides heart was in the right place if given the chance. Because staff was unavailable for the McGowan House tour for Saturday from 1pm-4pm, we were unable to view this sadly. So we advise to call ahead to schedule a tour. Do not go by their posted hours for you may not be able to tour this. If you move to Friendship they have all the local history you need from the past! I'm sure it's an interesting place once it is organized.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 15 يوليو 2018
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