‪Lanikaula's grave‬

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‪‪Pu'u O Hoku Ranch‬‬, ‪‪Kaunakakai‬‬, ‪‪Molokai‬‬, هاواي 96748

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‪First and foremost, unless you are Hawaiian do not attempt to go here. The owners of the ranch don't even approach this site. View from a distance only.

Lanikaula was a kahuna who befriended a traitor from Lanai. His rival kahuna discovered where he buried his waste and took some home to burn it.

When Lanikaula saw the blue fire from the Ana Ana Kahuna's fire across the water he knew he was going to die. He asked his sons to bury him in a special way.

They placed his body under a kukui grove so his bones wouldn't be dug up and used as fish hooks. Kukui's are kapu so no man would touch them.

You can view the grove from a spot across the road from the ranch store. Climb up on the field edge and you'll see the tree tops in the distance.

Another good viewing place is north of Kapalua on Maui. Look across the channel at Molokai and you'll see the tall kukui trees on the horizon.‬
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