‪Friday Night Blues‬

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‪نوادٍ وديسكوهات للرقص‬ • ‪بارات الجاز‬ • ‪بارات لموسيقى البلوز‬
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Melissa C
Rego Park, New York, United States3 مساهمات
بمفردك • يوليو 2014
‪What a deal! I've wanted to learn partner dancing for as long as I can remember. I wish I had known YEARS ago that this scene/community existed. An hour long group lesson for just $10 (usually a smallish group, with individual attention), and then several hours of great music and dancing for only another $12? YES PLEASE!!

I started coming here two years ago and have learned so much, met some fantastically talented people, and have had the time of my life. Whether you're just passing through and want to check out something new and have a good time, or you're a veteran dancer looking for a place to call home, Friday Night Blues is not an event you should pass up if given the chance.

And don't forget the new "$10 before 10" deal - $20 for the night if you arrive before 10pm!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 8 يونيو 2015
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