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‪Minersville‬, بنسيلفانيامساهمة
أبريل 2022
‪I rarely post reviews for anything I do or anywhere I go, but I needed to for the Harry Potter exhibit. This is a HUGE waste of time and money. I wish I read more reviews before my family and I went. The costumes and props were cool. That is the *only* thing that is geared towards adults. The crowd is INSANE. Granted, my husband and I did go on a Friday, but it was the only day that worked for our schedules. Going during the week wasn't an option for us. Maybe the crowd is thinner on a Tue. at 10am? There is NO crowd control at all. Timed tickets? That is a total joke - do not believe it! People are jammed in and are so close to and on top of each other. If you are COVID-phobic or claustrophobic - avoid this at all cost. There isn't 6 inches of space between you and who is next to you. The lines to complete the stupid 'challenges' or whatever they were called are crazy. If you are under the age of 10 they are okay I guess. I am WELL above 10 :). As I squeezed past them, I did hear numerous children say they were not working (that is not the child's fault - I'd be upset too). There is no flow to the set-up at all. It is unorganized and confusing. I never saw a single museum staff member assisting with line control or helping the crowd with where to go. The font next to the costumes is so incredibly tiny it is almost unreadable.

I paid $90+ for 2 adults. This is nauseating. It is not worth more than $20 for 2. But that is solely the corporate greed from above so as infuriating as it is, it is no surprise.

I guess I was so excited to find out this exhibit was coming, it didn't register in my head that the Institute is a child's museum, and this exhibit is definitely made for kids. If you are looking for something that is more 'adult' this exhibit is NOT for you.

Please save yourself the time and money and AVOID this massive disappointment!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 1 مايو 2022
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16 مساهمة
أبريل 2022
‪Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

We visited The Franklin Institute on a Monday morning in late-April primarily to visit the Harry Potter exhibit.

Overall, the Harry Potter exhibit (our primary reason for the visit) was "cute", but not nearly worth the price for what was offered. The exhibit has lots of cute and funny photo opportunities. However, other than the photo ops, the exhibit was lacking. You basically walk through the exhibit and see props/costumes from the Harry Potter movies, as well as some cool videos/lighting, as well as blurbs about the Harry Potter movies. For a huge Harry Potter fan, this is pretty mediocre and full of well-known Harry Potter knowledge - you will not learn anything exciting or new at this exhibit. The "interactive" qualities of the exhibit are "cute", but nothing special. If you have kids that are big Harry Potter fans, they will probably enjoy this. However, adult fans will likely be bored and wasting money.

We spent a bit of time exploring the brain and the heart exhibits from the museum, but once again, these did not really capture the attention of adults visiting the museum. Again, if you have kids, they will probably enjoy the exhibits. However, this museum is not really catered to both child and adult audiences and was overpriced for what it had to offer.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 27 أبريل 2022
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Michele W
الأصدقاء • أبريل 2022
‪The museum was decent. There were quite a few things that were working in sports section, heart section, etc. The kids enjoyed it but definitely could have been better.

The visit to Harry Potter was so disappointing. I’ll start with the good… it is an exhibit, not an amusement park, and the costumes and props on display were very cool to see. If you are an adult interested in this, go to the exhibit. If you have children of any age, you need to be prepared:

It was packed, despite reports of people saying there was good crowd control. Like beyond Disney World packed. They sell timed tickets but do not be fooled, they jammed people in there. Reviews said 60 minutes but because of lines to complete ridiculous ‘challenges’ (there was only one game really, and the rest were not challenges or games at all, just click through the screens and get points for your house) and overcrowding, it took almost 2 hours. When you travel with kids you plan in order to avoid meltdowns, and this pushed us well into dinner time. And in the rooms, if staff was present, they weren’t even controlling the lines/guiding the crowds, so people were cutting and it was unclear who was waiting and who was passing through. Staff stood in the corner talking to each other. The gift shop was a joke. DO NOT PROMISE YOUR KIDS ANYTHING. I expect a mark up, of course, but the people who priced these items are evil. There were kids crying all over. T-shirts we’re $50, a stuffed animal $40-60 at best, and a 3.5x5 spiral notebook with a house crest cover was $7! Yes, the same size notebooks that cost $12 for a 24 pack (not HP but you get the point). Lastly, they take a photo on the way in. At the gift shop, it’s $32 after tax for a 5x7. You choose it from a screen which has smaller icons of the photo which aren’t easy to see. As we turned down the five kids for anything they really wanted, I decided to get the photo as a souvenir for them. Well, it honestly is a joke. It was a green screen so the picture is in front of Hogwarts. The kids are blurry, color is horrible, and it looks like they were cut out and pasted onto a background. It is honestly the worst. It was so packed in the gift shop and the kids and parents were on verge of meltdown I literally paid and took the bag and didn’t even look at it. Had I looked I would have refused to pay for it.

I expect crowds and increased prices, but this was beyond disappointing. Once again, greed on the part of the creators and business has ruined experiences for people, and no concern for the quality of the experience because they’ve already got your money once you figure out it isn’t worth it.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 24 أبريل 2022
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Lauren S
‪Chalfont‬, بنسيلفانيا107 مساهمات
زوجان • أبريل 2022
‪The museum in general is a very good science museum with many hands-on exhibits geared towards educating kids (and adults) about science. It is clean and well maintained in general. Living just an hour away, I wanted to support the museum as they were chosen to host the world premiere of the Harry Potter exhibit.

The Harry Potter exhibit could have been managed so much better. Staff let you into the first room and then you are on your own with no direction. There are multiple ways to enter the rooms but no employees are there to guide you. No arrows on the floor, no signs. Even with the timed tickets, it was too crowded. And we were there on a weekday morning. There were lines for some of the activities where you needed to scan your wristband and touch the screen to participate. But the lines were unclear. People were cutting, not to be jerks, but because it was unclear there was a line depending on which way you entered the room.

There were less interactive exhibits than expected. Mostly, you walk around and look at props from the movies, reading facts that are so basic, no true fan of Harry Potter would learn anything. Even my husband said that and he has not read the books!

They tell you that you will get an email about your personalized experience. That came about 12 hours later. None of the pictures taken of us were included. It was just a brief summary of the house, wand, etc that you chose with how many points you earned for your house. Disappointing. I am sure the pictures were for sale in the gift shop for some astronomical price. We didn’t check. We just bought magnets and pins. The shirt I liked was $70. No thanks.

I am giving 3 stars because the museum is worth 4 in general but the HP exhibit was a let down. ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 23 أبريل 2022
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Theodore M
3 مساهمات
العائلة • أبريل 2022
‪Between ZERO staff providing guidance for an INTERACTIVE exhibit and a crowd that seemed hellbent on getting their fix no matter who or what they had to step on, over, or in front of to get to, this was money poorly spent. With the crowds as they’ve been, the profits are there to help guide exhibit goers, provide boundaries for the entitled guests, and to properly move things along at a reasonable pace. The aesthetics and volume of the exhibit were good which is why this review is at a 2, but the overall experience was dreadful.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 20 أبريل 2022
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Catherine M
4 مساهمات
أبريل 2022
‪Harry Potter Exhibit was overcrowded and understaffed. Despite “limited” time based tickets, large volumes of visitors were crammed into small exhibit areas. No one moved, could not see and enjoy the exhibits easily. No (and I mean no) staff available inside the exhibition to answer questions or help keep things moving. Only two at the entrance. No signage inside the connecting small rooms. (The one staff member we saw was applying their eyeliner as they tried to sell us a photo opportunity.) Even aside from the obvious Covid implications, I can’t imagine how they would have safely gotten people out of there should that be necessary. Overall disappointing and failed to meet what I expected from the Franklin Institute.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 16 أبريل 2022
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18 مساهمة
أبريل 2022
‪Went to the museum on 4/14/22, a weekday during spring break. The line to get in was a bit long right when they opened, but it moved quickly. The layout was hard to understand with so many people in line for the Harry Potter exhibit. We were able to experience the whole museum in a few hours we were there before our timed entry to the exhibit. Def geared towards children 13 and under. My girls 9 and 11 loved the climbing structure in the Brain exhibit area.

Harry Potter, plan days if not weeks in advance for tickets. Order online ahead of time. They sell out quickly. you will not get in until your exact timed entry time. It was crowded, but not terrible. We were able to see and experience the whole exhibit without much issue.

I read a lot of previous reviews that a lot of the things weren't working, the only thing not working were the crystal balls in the one classroom. Other than that my harry potter fanatics had a blast. My 11 year old is obsessed and she loved every second of it. My 9 year old isn't as much into it as the older one and she still loved all the different things to do. Lots of movie props, extra info, and interactive things to do. We did it in around an hour.

if it's a warm day bring a change a clothes there's a splash pad on Logan Square by the little cafe, there's a huge fountain too, but lots of homeless people were in it cooling off so we opted for the spalsh pad right past the fountain‬
كُتب بتاريخ 15 أبريل 2022
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‪Maryland‬48 مساهمة
العائلة • مارس 2022
‪We went to this museum for the Harry Potter exhibit. I hadnt been here in at least ten years so I wasnt sure what to expect. We were not too impressed with the musuem, alot of the exhibits looked worn and a few werent working. or were missing necessary parts. They had an exhibit on jelly fish but we didnt see any actual living jelly fish. im not sure if we just missed them or what. We liked the exhibit on electricity and had fun shocking each other. We enjoyed the Harry Potter exhibit but I think seeing that once was enough for us.

Overall we enjoyed our visit but this isnt somewhere my family would be interested in visiting multiple times.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 23 مارس 2022
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Michael S
‪New Windsor‬, ‪Maryland‬14 مساهمة
مارس 2022
‪Very interactive. Be sure you have school-aged kids with you when you visit this educational experience. They will love it. This is not an attraction for adults.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 23 مارس 2022
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29 مساهمة
مارس 2022
‪We gave this four stars because the Harry Potter exhibit was superb. Fun for the entire family and lots of interesting details. We've visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal so we certainly didn't expect Hollywood quality animation at the Franklin Institute. Just a few fun filled hours of exploration. The FI overall was a bit outdated and not as exciting as other science museums we've visited. Better for younger kids. Staff was friendly and helpful. Location is easy to access.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 17 مارس 2022
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