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Utah42 مساهمة
‪Not for the faint of heart. ‬
الأصدقاء • يوليو 2019
‪The info says more than three hours. Closer to 11 hours, more if you come in through Grassy Lake trailhead. Beautiful hike. Few things to remember.

Bring bear spray. We saw fresh scratches on trees when we went. Bring a rope to hoist your gear also at the hitching area.

Bring plenty of water. Suggest 4-5 litres at least.

Bring water shoes or sandals. You have to cross the Falls River. It is filled with obsidian & basalt. Bare feet won't work.

Looking at about 18 miles round trip, bring a lunch. Can dump your packs at the horse hitches if you bring rope.

A good thing to do while there is the field of the river. About 1/4 mile from the fork in the trail at the hitches. There is a pool of water in the river where you can swim. About 7 ft deep. Fed partially by warm springs so warm water.

The falls are amazing. Nice & cool mist after a long day of hiking. My pics show about as close as you get on trail. Lots of Huckleberry bushes & Currants along the trail. The ripen in August. You can camp with a permit. Can also take horses, but have to leave them at the hitching posts at the trail fork. Great trip, highly recommend it. ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 14 يوليو 2019
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Kevin P
‪Waihi Beach‬, نيوزيلندا381 مساهمة
‪A long day out‬
بمفردك • أغسطس 2017
‪This fall is a stunner. Not so much for height, but for width. A stream of cascading water over a wide rock buttress!

Be warned though, it's a long walk in (8 miles each way) and there's not much to see except trees with the occasional piece of grassland. Trail is almost flat, well formed too, so you will motor along. No mountain views until you get to the falls though. Allow about 5h each way.

I went in from the Fish Lake TH. The road in was marginal for low clearance vehicles. Was Ok for my Honda Accord, no scrapes.

There are 3 river crossings, thigh deep but only moving moderately. Be careful to pick your crossing as there are some holes. Later in the season is best (I went 23Aug) as they will be less filled with snowmelt.

You can also break the trip up into 2-3d by camping at one of the individualised campsites (there's 5 for Union Falls), they are about half a mile apart, have a campfire ring and bear food storage hanger. You can book these by going into the Bechlar Ranger Station, $3pp/night, $25 booking fee if more than 48h in advance). Enjoy :)‬
كُتب بتاريخ 27 أغسطس 2017
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Amanda T
كونيكتيكت108 مساهمات
‪Go see!!!‬
العائلة • يونيو 2017
‪Definitely a go-see attraction. Beauty at its finest!!! We enjoyed a small picnic after learns and made some fond memories here. ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 26 يونيو 2017
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jesse o
جاكسون, ‪Wyoming‬6,592 مساهمة
بمفردك • نوفمبر 2016
‪This, the third highest fall in Yellowstone, at 76 meters, behind the Silver Cord and the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, is a genuine treasure hidden from the masses and reserved for those willing to work to find its splendor.
Location marker is at traditional trailhead, some 12.5 km from the attraction. Cascade Creek Trailhead, further west, works well for those approaching from Ashton, Idaho.
16 kilometers west of Flagg Ranch, just south (3km) of Yellowstone park's south boundary, drive down gravel road on north immediately before crossing Grassy Lane reservoir dam. Recommend you follow a hiking guidebook and carry the ten essential hiking supplies and use bear aware tactics. The Grassy Lake road can be very bumpy, even high clearance, though not requiring four wheel drive unless snow or ice are encountered.
Please check with targhee national forest or Teton national park to see if grassy lake road is open; should be by early June. 1.6 km from parking area ford the Falls River. This will be fast moving and treacherous in early season. Head uphill to the northwest for 7.24 km, crossing Proposition Creek on a broad log, then on a km or slightly more to turn right or northeast at trail junction to follow Mountain Ash Creek to the Fall. In early November, I saw only four other people all day! It is a spot i'd long wanted to see. There are backcountry camping areas which will extend your enjoyment of the area if you if you reserve your spot with the park service. This southwest portion of Yellowstone is called "Cascade Corner" for its many waterfalls, most of which are seen only by multi-day backpackers.
I hope this is only the first of many of them I hope to see. I hope you find it, too.
It is serenely powerful. ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 9 أبريل 2017
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