‪Agios Ambrosoios‬
‪كنائس وكاتدرائيات‬ • ‪مواقع دينية‬ • ‪معالم وأماكن محل اهتمام‬
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David D
ديفون, UK19,795 مساهمة
زوجان • ‪أكتوبر 2020‬
‪Friday 23rd October and we had been to visit the Castle at Monolithos. We were heading towards Siana and we stopped at this small Church on the roadside, not too far from the Castle.

The arched shaped Church with its whitewashed walls is topped by a terracotta painted concrete roof with a small cross over the door.

The wooden screen (reredos) at the rear of the Church is adorned with a number of images of religious people or saints. Across the top of the screen are a number of small pictures which appear to show the "Stations of the Cross". A red curtain shielded the entrance to the altar behind it.

There are more religious images and icons around the walls of the Church.

It is not the grandest or most ornate Church we visited but it's size and simplicity made it a special place to visit.

On the wall outside the Church, by the entrance, there is a small plaque and it's inscription translates as follows:-
"this monastery dedicated to the agios ambrosios was buit at the expense of John and Marianthis and their children Emanuel , Marias , Panagiotis , Evangelia , Anastasia and their brothers George and Nickolas in memory of Emmanuel and Maria.
كُتب بتاريخ 31 ديسمبر 2020
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