‪Yueyang First Tunnel Shopping Mall‬

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زوجان • ‪أغسطس 2016‬
‪The Yueyang First Underground shopping strip runs beneath Dong Miao Ling Road

It consists of two levels from the street below . But the lower level which was originally designed to host eatery and food stalls , was not successful and as a result , it is closed off to the public .

The upper level of the underground shopping strip comprises of mainly small shops selling clothes , shoes , toys etc .

The whole underground street is fully air conditioning but lack of circulation of fresh air from the outside , makes the place smell a bit stale and stuffy .

The underground shopping strip ends at the pedestrian mall where KFC is located .

Worth a visit ? Unless you have no other place else to go in Yueyang .

Yueyang is currently undergoing some serious construction work by demolishing old post war buildings and replacing them modern & magnificent high rise shopping centres and residential apartments .‬
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