‪Spanish Colonial Church Fort of Chiman‬
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الأصدقاء • ‪مارس 2014‬
‪La Colonial Iglesia Fortin de Chiman, or in English "Spanish Colonial Church Fort of Chiman", is a National Historic Landmark of Panama. It is the only known Spanish Church-Fort in Panama. Unfortunately, it is not easily accessed; the main transportation to Chiman is small motor boat or dirt paths from the Pan-American Highway that may be walked or ridden by horse, bike and motorcycle. There is not much else to see in Chiman, other than touring a remote village town in the heart of Panama. And, there's only a couple of restaurants serving basic dishes like fried fish and plantains. It tasted great after the long journey. This attraction if for people who like to get off the beaten path and explore a country. See my photos: http://www.xplormor.com/expeditions/xplor-panama/darien/chiman/‬
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