‪Holy Trinity Pilgrimage Church‬
‪كنائس وكاتدرائيات‬ • ‪مواقع دينية‬
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الأصدقاء • ‪مايو 2015‬
‪You may well spot this great church & monastery to the north of the road as you travel east from Maribor on the E653. Built 1636-1643 and expanded a century later, it was apparently built because the local peasantry had seen three bright lights in the sky over the hill on which the church now stands. Hence the dedication "Holy Trinity" in the Slovenian Hills. It is a very large church with three belfries and is richly decorated in the Baroque style. It has become a notable pilgrimage church and a Franciscan Monastery (with museum) is next door. (Visits by appointment).
When we were there we couldn't walk round the interior but you could access a large fenced area inside the main south door which allowed you to see (and photograph) most of the interior.
The position of the church makes a very fine view and, indeed, the are beautiful views from around the church. The large village (also known as Sveta Goricah) is attractive and there is a large reservoir to the west, popular with walkers and fishermen.‬
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