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霧島温泉の中でも小さなお宿ですが、とても落ち着いたサービスの行き届いたお宿でした。着いてすぐ、食材で食べられないものを聞いてくれて食べられないものを挙げると対応してくれました。 お部屋も入ると抹茶の香りが爽やかに香り、お風呂も、部屋に付いている内風呂も露天風呂も掛け流しで大浴場がなくても満足です。とにかく何もかも満点です。
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最高価格の部屋に宿泊。良いところ。新しい内装、設備も素晴らしい。部屋の掃除など清潔感あり。風呂は室内と露天二つあり、いずれも源泉かけ流しの湯量はすばらしい。 良くない点。露天風呂が夕方以外は熱すぎて入れず、宝の持ち腐れになってしまった。食事は材料に気を使っているが、料理人の手間が入っていないので家庭料理のレベルといえる。不思議なのは女将を始め女性の従業員がゼロなこと。やはり雰囲気はすこし硬い。こんな経験始めて。
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小ぶりな宿でスタッフの対応も親切。 夕食、朝食ともに季節の献立は素晴らしく美味しい。 全ての部屋に露天風呂がある。
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It makes sense that Tsumikusanoyado Komatsu (摘み草の宿こまつ) can only make it to #18 of 80 hotels in Kirishima. With only 6 rooms, the ryokan is secluded and thus received only 18 reviews, surely in no competition with other big establishments in the area. If you value privacy and quietness like us, this is the place for you. Many Japanese hotels demonstrate a high level of hospitality, Komatsu adds to that a personal touch. The staff takes note of our schedule and our plans during (and before) our stay and advised us accordingly. Besides the private onsen in our room, there is another natural onsen which is timeshared with other guests (no prior booking is necessary, one only needs to lock the door when it is in use). Every day, they put out beautiful floral yukatas for ladies in a common area so we can pick the design and the size we prefer which is a thoughtful idea. We enjoyed our breakfast and dinner which were served in a dining area separated by partitions from other guests, another great privacy feature. Talking about food, it is sumptuous, fresh, seasonal and of top quality. It is all very tasty but perhaps just too much for us. We had to skip our lunch and hiked all day just to expense it all! The ryokan is located in the center of the onsen town Maruo, 1 min walk away from Maruo bus stop 4 (one only needs to go down a slope which belongs to the hotel). If you come by JR line like us, get off at Kirishima Jingu station (霧島神宮), take the bus Kagoshima Kanko 1 (鹿児島交通1) heading to Kirishima Iwasaki hotel (霧島いわさきホテル) and get off at Maruo 4 (丸尾 4). The bus runs at an interval of around an hour and the ride takes 30 minutes. Schedule can be downloaded from Kagoshima Kanko site. If you are interested in hiking like us, the ryokan is first of all located near some easy natural walks like the one behind an ancient hot spring called Kirishimaonsen Saikonoiwafurome (霧島温泉最古の岩風呂 目の湯) and Maruo Falls (丸尾滝). Otherwise, the Kirishima sightseeing bus from Maruo bus stop 1 will take you to many different areas along the main road inside the mountain range. We were lucky to have caught the free experimental Kirishima Experience bus. Pay extra attention in planning the time for your hike as the buses are not frequent at all in this area and you might run the risk of missing it on your way back. Also, take the hiking time indicated on their official tourist map with a grain of salt. For example, our hike round trip to Onami Pond (大浪池) was indicated as a 2:40 trip on the map but it took us an hour more in reality, considering we have only pondered for 10 minutes at the top of the pond (no pun intended!), walked fast, and have made all the correct choices whenever the signs were confusing or missing! At the time of our visit, at least two areas we knew were off-limits: Shinmoedake (新燃岳) and some parts of Ebino Pleateau (えびの高原).
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初めての九州旅行でした。霧島温泉に沢山の旅館があり ましたが、口コミの良いこの宿を選びました。 夫婦で色々な温泉旅館に泊まっていますが、この宿は、私の中ではかなり上位です。 露天風呂付き客室は、色々ありますが、内風呂、露天風呂両方兼ね備えている所はあまりないでしょう。そして何と言っても、お湯が素晴らしい。何度入ったかわかりません。 食事は、豪華な食材は特にないのですが、地の食材を絶妙に調理していて、一口一口唸るほどでした。 盛り付けてある器もとても素敵で、目と舌で堪能しました。 そして、宿の方のサービスが本当に素晴らしい。朝は、バス停まで荷物を運んで下さって感動しました。とても親切で本当にゆっくり過ごすことが出来ました。
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