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‪Finca Las Perdices, Cuesta del Marchante‬ S/n, 18697 ‪La Herradura‬, ألمونيكار إسبانيا
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إنترنت فائق السرعة مجاني (WiFi)
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شامل الإفطار
إنترنت فائق السرعة مجاني (WiFi)
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بوفيه إفطار
إنترنت فائق السرعة مجاني (WiFi)
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إنترنت فائق السرعة مجاني (WiFi)
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jatstylist كتب تعليقًا في سبتمبر 2015
Guildford, United Kingdom33 مساهمة14 صوت مفيد
The villa was lovely with a huge extremely comfortable bed excellent jacuzzi and lovely shower with radio. The setting is very secluded and romantic with lovely views and wonderful waking up to the sound of crickets and birdsong can't wait to go back again booked immediately before we even left. The staff who was appointed to assist us was so courteous nothing was a problem and breakfast was always served on time and sufficiently provided for I so pleased we found this place and would not hesitate at all to recommend it was blissful I hated to leave the tranquility and whole experience was something I will remember for a long time
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تاريخ الإقامة: سبتمبر 2015نوع الرحلة: سافرت كأزواج
Daniela042 كتب تعليقًا في سبتمبر 2015
بوخارست, رومانيا9 مساهمات3 أصوات مفيدة
We have stayed there 6 nights at the beginning of September 2015. A very pleasant place, very nice view, clean. Radu - the administrator, very nice, helpful, his advises for touristic attractions in the area and restaurants to go were spot on! Areas to improve - breakfast, a bit more care for administrative issues - garden lights were not working in the evening, but were working during the day, when the hot water was running an outside noise as a tractor engine was heard, cushions for outdoor couch terrace stained
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: سبتمبر 2015
Heidi E كتب تعليقًا في أغسطس 2015
أوكفيل, كندا3 مساهمات
Our stay here cast a considerable pall over an otherwise spectacular vacation in Spain. The B&b was nearly impossible to locate. We drove to the Villa Bonsai road but couldn't tell which of the 3 buildings was our B&B. There are no signs. We shouted 'hola' repeatedly at each of the 3 heavily gated residences in the area for 20 minutes. Nothing. We then called the number for the Villa Bonsai probably close to 20 times. Either no answer or busy. We had dinner plans with friends and weren't able to check in to shower and dress before going out for the evening. After dinner we again tried to call the number for the Villa Bonsai. This time, success! We spoke to the owner who, even with the help of our Spanish speaking friend, wasn't able to direct us to the building that housed the Villa Bonsai. The owner told us to call her again when we arrived. We said goodbye to our friends (it's now 10 pm -- check in time was 2 pm) and drove to the B&B. We called the owner when we arrived. Busy. Again we began to shout 'hola'. Finally, gates opened and we were admitted by a friendly employee. Great room and bed. Morning arrived. We were greeted by the employee who offered us breakfast and coffee. Coffee arrived powdered in packets but without boiling water. We asked for the water. Instead we were given hot milk in a very small pitcher. Total yeild: 1 cup cafe latte for 2 people. We checked out a night later and were presented with a bill for €380. We asked to speak to the owner. Our intention was to ask for a small refund (€60) for the inconvenience of the first night. The owner wasn't there so the employee called her on our behalf. Our request for a discount was declined. We then attempted to call the owner ourselves. Busy. We wrote to Booking.com to voice our concerns. We are not picky customers but the whole experience was so strange that we want to make sure other vacationers are alerted. Booking.com contacted the Villa Bonsai on our behalf attempting to get some form of resolution. The owner declined to refund us €60. Instead, they offered a discount for a future visit. We won't be returning.
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تاريخ الإقامة: يوليو 2015
جودة أماكن النوم
نوع الرحلة: سافرت كأزواج
رد من Alb3rRamos، Reservations manager في ‪Villa Bonsai‬
تم الرد بتاريخ 2 سبتمبر 2015
Dear Heidi E, We are very sorry about your experience, this is not the way we want to work and we have taken steps to change it. Your comment has been very useful for us: we decided to change the person in charge of the customer service in Villa Bonsai. Now there is a new maintainer to answer the phone and the arrivals. We wanted to be sure that this will not happen again. Just in case you decide to come back any time we´d live you can check it by yourself. Sincerelly, Villa Bonsay - Reservations
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