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‪The Inle Sanctuary, Phayartaung‬

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موصى به للغاية المشهورة. حتى الآن أفضل مكان الإقامة فى المشهورة البحيرة. هادئ جميل جدا, ديكور رائع، نظيف للغاية، أفضل خدمة وطعام رائع. إن orwner، فريق العمل متعاون للغاية. إذا ذهبت هناك اطلب منهم إلى دير بجوار الفندق. فى مكان مذهل جدا لقد فى حياتى كلها. الرهبان يزيد عن 1 . 000
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Our bungalow (a couple of weeks before the official opening of the resort)
My wife and I are thinking of visiting Inle Sanctuary in early March. A few questions, I'd welcome any answers, even if you can't answer all of them. 1. I understand from a previous question that the hotel can provide a fan, which should be sufficient for us, and that it cools down at night. Still, how hot and humid might we expect it to be during the day, and how much did anyone experience this as a problem in exploring the area? 2. It sounds like the boat trip to get there from Inle Lake is great! About how much total time would we need to plan, from arrival at Heho Airport to actually get to the hotel? 3. For that matter, is Heho Airport the best one to fly into to get to the hotel? 4. Is it realistic for us to get to Heho or some other airport in time for a morning flight (probably down to Thandwe) on the day of departure - I supposed traveling by road - or would we need to stay over somewhere on the way? 5. If instead of flying out, we were to go on by land to somewhere else in the Shan State, is there any particular place recommended, in terms of relative proximity and a good place to visit for the culture, walks, nature, etc? Kalaw looks relatively close, but I haven't yet researched beyond that. 6. Back to the boat trip: I believe one review said that the seats are pretty comfortable and have backs to them. Any further impressions would be welcome. Is there any way of getting some shade, for instance, or are you pretty much going along under a hot sun? Thanks for any help.
First, I thoroughly recommend Inle Sanctuary. And we checked out last February 26th, so in theory our weather should be about the same as for you. But of course world weather patterns are changing, so YMMV. 1) Inle Sanctuary and Sankar Lake are at a high enough altitude to be refreshing. We sweltered in Yangon, but at Inle Sanctuary we were actually a bit chilly at night (but pleasantly so. A light blanket was enough). During the day it was warmer but still very comfortable, and this from two people who wilt in high humidity. And there were lake breezes, too, so we never even thought about a fan, day or night. 2) It is far enough that we didn't do it all on one day. The drive from the airport to Nyaungshwe was close to an hour. We then transferred (with our luggage) to a long tail boat and the ride was about another half hour to our Inle Lake hotel, which is located on the way to Inle Sanctuary. We stayed at Inle Lake for 2 days, and then took another 3 1/2 hour boat ride to Inle Sanctuary. So the total time was around 5 hours. I wouldn't do it all on 1 day! 3) For us it was. 4) We also had a morning flight to Thandwe, as we were staying at Ngapali Beach. The logistics of getting to the airport that morning from Inle Sanctuary would have been ridiculous, and even unsafe as we would have had to start the boat ride in total darkness, long before the sun came up. All the local,people recommended against it, too. So we broke the trip into by staying 1 night in between at Nyaungshwe (which we enjoyed) and then had an easy drive to the airport in the morning. 5) It would have meant a somewhat uncomfortable land journey, and as we'd already been in India for over 6 weeks we weren't up for more of that. But it certainly might be a good option for someone else, if you have the time. 6) We thought the seats were surprisingly comfortable. I had been concerned that they wouldn't be, but no problem at all for us, even with our back problems. And the boats had a large umbrella for each of us which we held for shade. I would write the hotel to make sure you had them on your boat. And as I wrote, we really enjoyed the boat ride, passing through numerous small villages on stilts and stopping at some fantastic locations in between some lovely rural landscapes.
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Hello Rastnim thank you for you want to stay with us. But we do not have air condition. We can do provide fan.
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