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‪Mount Shekinah Country Hotel‬

‪Off R103 near Michaelhouse School‬, ‪Balgowan‬ 3275 جنوب أفريقيا
الأسعار الواردة أعلاه مُقدمة من جانب شركاء لغرفة واحدة، مع قواعد إشغال مختلفة كما هو مقدم من جانب المنشأة، ولا تشمل جميع الضرائب والرسوم. يرجى الرجوع إلى شركائنا للحصول على التفاصيل كاملة.
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Rowan Welcome كتب تعليقًا في مارس 2021
3 مساهمة1 صوت مفيد
Spent this weekend at this amazing venue. Me and my wife throughly enjoyed our 2 night day. The romantic setup I requested for my wife was beyond my expectation and the upgrade to the Nguni suite was greatly appreciated. The staff were always available to assist. We throughly enjoyed spending our 5th wedding anniversary and we will definitely be back to enjoy this gem of a venue.
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: مارس 2021نوع الرحلة: سافرت كأزواج
Mandy’s New Adventures كتب تعليقًا في فبراير 2020
3 مساهمة
On my return to the now Mount Shekinah Hotel in Balgowan, I was met with the same gracious welcome I recall it having all those years ago. You see, the then Woodridge Country Hotel lies literally only a stone’s throw from the school which has been the set for the famous Harry Potter movies, Michaelhouse Boys School. The air is still thick with the magic of the Midlands and the hotel swimming pools are still beautiful blue rim flow pools cascading one into another, overlooking a spectacular green valley. Ideally located between the Rawdon’s of Nottingham Road and the Piggly Wiggly of Howick, this hotel forms a lovely spot from which to explore the magical Midlands. The well appointed pool view rooms are very spacious and beautifully decorated with every creature comfort one comes to expect from a place like this: warm towelling robes & slippers, a heater, tea & coffee making facilities, a bar fridge, a lovely big bath & shower, is catered for. Included in the reasonable room rate is a freshly prepared breakfast made to suit your tastebuds. Hearty and absolutely delicious! Absolute indulgence! On returning after a busy day of exploring be sure to ask the friendly staff to get the beautiful outdoor jacuzzi ready for you in advance and it may also be a good idea to pre-warn them if you intend ordering from the dinner menu as the kitchen closes pretty early when the hotel is quiet. Overall 9/10. Definitely going back!
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: فبراير 2020نوع الرحلة: سافرت بمفردي
kogan m كتب تعليقًا في يناير 2020
ديربان, جنوب أفريقيا33 مساهمة11 صوت مفيد
This is truely an amazing and picturesque countryside venue. The view of the sparkling pool and the sprawling green countryside from my room, was superb. The room was well laid out and very tasteful. The two guest bath robes spread out on the bed was a novel idea. Unfortunately all of these beautiful things was marred by the following: 1) The bedsheet was infested with baby spiders which kept me awake throughout the night. My neck and hands were swollen with marks where I was bitten and where I had scratched repeatedly, througout the night. At first I did not know what was causing it, but then I saw the baby spiders scrambling away as soon as I put on the lights.This was totally disgusting. 2) The receptionist did not inform me of all the services available upon check in, as is usual elsewhere. I had to walk in the rain all the way to the reception to find out about the wi fi facility and the password ( The telephone was out of order and receptionist failed to inform me about this as well.) 3) When I walked back to my room I found that the wi fi password was not working so I had to walk back to the reception in the rain as the phone was not working. 4) The receptionist then told me that the wi fi was not connecting up, and then handed me a mobile wi fi connector to use temporarily. When I walked back to my room I discovered that the temporary wi fi connector was also not connecting up. Back to reception I went only to be told that the temporary wi fi connector had a different password than the normal "Shekinah" and "Shekinah Guest" password. The receptionist failed to tell me this as well.By this time I was furious. The receptionist had failed dismally. It was almost as if she had no appreciation for her job. As if she was doing me a service. Not even an apology from her. Suffice to say I was finally connected up to the wi fi some 3 hours later and after many trips walking to and from the reception. Its a pity that such a beautiful venue, newly ungraded and with so much potential, could be so bogged down with incompetent staff, and with little or no supervision.It would be foolish of the management to ignore these problems.
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: يناير 2020
نوع الرحلة: سافرت في رحلة عمل
Kim Pitt كتب تعليقًا في أبريل 2019
‪Westville‬, جنوب أفريقيا1 مساهمة
Outstanding accommodation. The facilities are beautiful and the grounds are magnificently maintained. Highly professional staff. Everything is immaculate and the rooms have lovely attention to detail. A top class stay. Thank you.
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: أبريل 2019نوع الرحلة: سافرت مع الأصدقاء
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