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‪Zenza Hotel‬

‪22 Bridge Road‬ Turtle Cove, TKCA 1ZZ
Official Hotel
طالع 7 عروض متاحة
* الأسعار مُقدمة من شركائنا وتعكس متوسط أسعار الغرفة في الليلة، وتشمل الضرائب والرسوم الثابتة، المعلومة لشركائنا، والمستحقة في وقت الحجز. يرجى مراجعة شركائنا للحصول على مزيد من التفاصيل.
المسافر (26)
الغرفة والجناح (10)
تناول الطعام (2)


رقم 49 من بين 59 فنادق في تركس وكايكوس
خدمات المنشأة
انتظار مجاني للسيارات
إنترنت فائق السرعة مجاني (WiFi)
حمام سباحة
بار / ردهة
مسموح اصطحاب الحيوانات الأليفة (الكلاب / الحيوانات الأليفة)
مركز أعمال مع اتصال بالإنترنت
ميزات الغرفة
تكييف هواء
مطبخ صغير
أنواع الغرف


عرض كامل
42يُوصى بسيارة
درجة التصنيف: 42 من 100
10مطاعمفي نطاق كيلومتر
1معلم جذبفي نطاق كيلومتر
مقارنة الفنادق الأكثر رواجًا
4تعليقات0س+ج0نصائح حول الغرف


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Audree T كتب تعليقًا في نوفمبر 2020
1 مساهمة
Nous avons passé un superbe séjour mon compagnon et moi même. Nous avons énormément apprécié le service gratuit de navette en voiturette de golf afin de nous rendre à la plage. De plus sur place l’hôtel offre des serviettes , cela tombait bien mon compagnon avait oublié la sienne dans notre chambre! Nous avons pu profiter de la grande piscine (très propre). Mention spéciale pour le toit terrasse et quelle vue!! Il y a aussi plusieurs restos à quelques pas de l’hôtel. Le seul point négatif a été que notre séjour n’a pas été assez long à mon goût :) Nous reviendrons au Zenza sans hésitation!
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: نوفمبر 2020نوع الرحلة: سافرت كأزواج
Nancy M كتب تعليقًا في نوفمبر 2020
بروفيدنسياليس3 مساهمات
Zenza Hotel is fabulous. It is centrally located on the island, in the heart of Turtle Cove. The design is very modern and fresh. The staff were friendly and very helpful. Our room was spacious, beds were comfortable, it was very clean and with a great view. It was nice to sit on the patio overlooking the marina. It is an easy walk or golf cart ride to the beach. The snorkeling on this part of Grace Bay is fantastic. There are two restaurants right next door and other options within walking distance. Based on location, beach and restaurants nearby, the price is affordable ... it makes for a great choice.
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: نوفمبر 2020
Elizabeth W كتب تعليقًا في نوفمبر 2020
6 مساهمات1 صوت مفيد
My husband and I had rented a villa for one week and decided to extend our stay 2 extra nights. We found this new hotel in Turtle Cove and it looked really nice so we decided to book at Zenza and it did not disappoint. The staff at the front desk were very friendly and helpful, they gave us great recommendations since we weren’t familiar with the Turtle Cove area. The bedroom was very clean and quite spacious, the bed was very comfortable, there’s also a large balcony overlooking the marina, which was nice to relax on after an afternoon of snorkelling. Smiths Reef is a short walk or free shuttle from the hotel and apparently one of the best spots for snorkelling on the island. We saw a variety of fish, turtles and stingrays. We really enjoyed the roof top terrace, the view and sunsets are just spectacular! We’d love having a glass of wine there before going out to dinner. There are many restaurants nearby as well, all within walking distance and two of which are on the hotel premises. Bacci, a nice Italian restaurant (great pizza) and Sharkbite, a cool local pub. There’s also a nice patio off the main lobby where we would have our morning coffee. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay! And happy we decided to extend our vacation and tried this place out. We will definitely be back!!
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: نوفمبر 2020نوع الرحلة: سافرت كأزواج
Justice6387 كتب تعليقًا في نوفمبر 2020
‪Danube-Auen National Park‬, النمسا53 مساهمة35 صوت مفيد
My husband and I needed a quick and safe Caribbean getaway to recharge and have some fun. We took a chance and booked Zenza. It is a stunning new boutique hotel on the marina and walking distance to the beach. It was so perfect. It was just beautiful. Various restaurants, pubs and fun Island activities were also just steps away. The rooms are bright, open and spacious with beautiful views and huge soaking tubs! The beds are comfy and the linens are soft and silky with pillows that make you feel you are floating. We had everything we could possibly need in our room with a fabulous romantic Italian Restaurant downstairs that was so convenient in the evenings for romantic dinners. And, all this for a reasonable price tag --- rare in Provo !!! Finally.
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: أكتوبر 2020
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