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‪Cohabit Hotel‬

‪240 Chapel Place B123‬, ‪Avon‬, ‪Beaver Creek‬, CO 81620
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Dreenakins كتب تعليقًا في نوفمبر 2020
‪Boulder‬, ‪Colorado‬4 مساهمات1 صوت مفيد
I made the mistake of booking the room with the attached bathroom. The website gave the impression that this room was the nicer option. Upon arrival, I was told that it’s the wheelchair accessible option. Unfortunately, It is located next to the maintenance room, away from the other pods. It was so extremely hot and humid in the room that my boyfriend ended up sleeping on a couch in the common area. There was a massive portable swamp cooler in the room that did nothing to cool the space but put off a sound that was so loud, it definitely contributed to the discomfort of this space. The window couldn’t be opened by design so i opened the curtains/blinds hoping a draft would be let in but there was a bright white street light right above it and it filled the whole room. It was so humid in the room, there was condensation on the window. The bed was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever slept on. My back hurt so badly the next morning. I have felt more well rested after sleeping in my car. I gave it an extra star because the rest of the space was pretty cute and the staff was friendly, although no one asked how our stay was. I think they already knew it was awful.
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تاريخ الإقامة: نوفمبر 2020نوع الرحلة: سافرت كأزواج
ItsDavidNeverDave كتب تعليقًا في يوليو 2020
2 مساهمتين
Incredible little pod hotel in Avon. Really swank and modern with a chill hostel type vibe. Great commons area and kitchenette. The pods are super cozy and comfy. Lots of power outlets and lighting in each one. The beds are sufficient for a good nights sleep. The showers are big and clean. They provide soap, shampoo and conditioner as well as towels. Plenty of space to store your gear. There’s an absurd amount of food and shops within a couple of feet of the front door. Everything you’d want from a place like this. All expectations were not only met but surpassed. I stayed multiple days just because I enjoyed the vibe and the people there. That’s not even the best part... when I called I spoke to the owner. I did not ask to. She just answered the phone, took my reservation and offered me a birthday discount. When I arrived I found out she was the owner which kinda blew me away. This spot is very chic and more like a posh LA boutique hotel rather than a hostel. Which is why I booked it... I wanted to stay in someplace cute for my birthday. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s priced like a hostel and has the personal feel of a hostel though because the people running it own it. It was almost confusing because I inadvertently walked into the best possible situation. A super cute place with great amenities and a personal vibe that’s priced affordably?!?! Please and thank you!!!! The people running Cohabit care a lot about this concept and are directly involved in its day to day operations. This translates to the way they treat their guests and how comfortable and fun this place actually is. Cohabit is easily the best choice for lodging in all of Vail and the surrounding areas. PS: If you stop in you should bring a Brett some cookies. He was kind enough to split his with me on my birthday. 😉
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تاريخ الإقامة: يوليو 2020نوع الرحلة: سافرت بمفردي
Mindy C كتب تعليقًا في مايو 2020
أوستن, تكساس4 مساهمات1 صوت مفيد
Wow. This is such an awesome concept and a great way to make Beaver Creek affordable. We stayed as a couple in a pod. It was very comfortable! They are small but meant for sleeping. We spent the majority of our time in the lounge area. There are incredible views and the room is cozy and inviting. Everything in the hotel is brand new and you can tell the owners have put a lot of thought into every touch. The shower suites are clean and spacious and there was fresh coffee provided every morning. We were able to walk to everything in town. You can’t beat the location. It’s right next to a grocery store, a bus stop, and tons of restaurants and bars. Cannot wait to come back again! This will definitely be our go to stay when in the area. Between the rates, the location, and the experience, you can’t beat it! There is nowhere else like it!
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تاريخ الإقامة: مايو 2020نوع الرحلة: سافرت كأزواج
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