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The Mountain
صورة مقدمة من الإدارة‪Bora Bungalove‬
Hello. Do you have accommodation 3-5 June for 1 person please? Many thanks
hi sorry all is not available best regards Annette
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bonjour nous sommes une famille de 2 adultes et 4 enfants (14-11-7-2 ans) est ce qu'un bungalow peu nous convenir? La plage est elle loin et adaptée pour les enfants de cet âge?
bonjour non il fait louer les 2bungalows nous sommes situés au bord du lagon où l'on peut prtiquer le snorkling mais il n'y a pas de plage la plage la plus proche est à 10kms c'est Matira j je serai heureuse de vous répondre si vous avez d'autres questions bien cordialement Annette
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What is the best way to get from the Airport to the Bora Bora Bungalove?
You must take a shuttle free boat that willl pickup you on the dock of the center of the village where we welcome you The transfers are free😉 best regards Annette Bora nungalpve
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We just spent 4 days there. Both of the bungalows are on the sea but there are differences between them. The main one which is twice the price of the other is a former waterbungalow from an hotel. It's directly on water with a deck and it's very confortable. The other one is the oldest and only the window of the room is on the sea and also a separate deck where you can have all your meals, it's very nice. For this one, the kitchen, the bathroom with an outside shower and the toilets are separate.
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عرض كل الإجابات
Dear Spike256 Being a guest house, the service is not the one you would receive in a hotel since here you are living close by the owners. Some placed you are even in their own home. Since our opening, all our guests were very satisfied and happy to get this kind of service. This is why I’m gladly sharing my knowledge, giving advises and making sure our hosts are having the best time possible. We’ve never had any complains about it. It’s my goal and intent to make sure that all our guests are enjoying their stay. So I would have preferred to know about your preference. In regards to some of your comments, please find below my explanations: “The owner (Marc) spent a lot of time making sure we enjoyed every part of the island and the facilities. However, it was too much at about 2 or 3 or 4 interactions with him every day.” 2 or 3 or 4 visits to ask if everything is OK, or to give advises for things to do or where to go, seems normal to me…Unless you had already visited this island. There is a lot of information to give for a good discovery of Bora Bora! “The owner insisted on taking us to the market, and helped us pick our food and vegetables. The first time we took the bikes, we were given a 1/2 hour seminar on the things to see on the island.” As you arrived around 7pm and the grocery store closes at 8pm, I indeed insisted we go to the market to make sure you had what you need for at least your first night. And for the bike ride, it’s usually appreciated to know the good spots for perfect pictures, historical area that can be easily missed if you don’t know they are there,… “The owner booked a great boat tour for us, but insisted on driving us to the marina that was 4 doors away (we wanted to walk and asked to walk, but he insisted); when the boat wasn't there, he started chatting about his novel instead of letting us wait alone for the boat”. It happens pretty often that the boat is very late or even doesn’t come. As a concerned and responsible organizer, I assume it’s normal and the right thing to do to see my clients go on the tour they booked instead of letting you wait and wonder if the guide will actually arrive. Also my novel is about Bora Bora and I preferred to make conversation instead of leaving an awkward silence. “ One time when we were just about to "spend some couple time", the owner snagged my husband to watch a YouTube video, which spoiled our mood” I’m very sorry you felt it that way. It was around 11am, which I thought wasn’t a disturbing time to take your husband away to watch a 5mn music video on “The Ukulele orchestra of Great Britain” since I noticed you are both passionate musicians as you were travelling with your instruments (first time that we have guest doing that) “For our anniversary dinner that night, we snuck out and walked 50 minutes to the restaurant because there was no other way we could get there without being bothered” I’m sorry you felt the need to hide to go out. For your information we are always asked to call a taxi to go to the restaurants. The taxi provided by the restaurants is free as I explained at the beginning of your stay. “We do believe the owner meant well, but we prefer to have a lot more private time and it was not easy to make this clear.” Indeed I was doing my best to make your stay was enjoyable. Again I would have wished you told me clearly that you wanted more privacy, which would have been easily provided. I would kindly recommend you for your next stays in a guest house to inform the owners that you want more privacy or left more alone. This will just ensure you to have the stay you are expecting as a client; therefore it will be more enjoyable. I do thank you for sharing your feedback on this matter. I will from now on make sure to ask if our future guests would prefer more privacy. It is definitely something I understand and will respect if only I know about it. As I always say, communication is the key to everything! I do hope you still enjoyed your stay in Bora Bungalove. Sunny Regards A concerned owner Marc-André Zani
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بولينيزيا الفرنسيةجزر المجتمعجزيرة بورا بورا
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