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‪Aloft St. Louis Cortex‬

‪4245 Duncan Avenue‬, سانت لويس, MO 63110
طالع 10 عروض متاحة
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إنترنت فائق السرعة مجاني (WiFi)
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Shelly T كتب تعليقًا في يوليو 2020
23 مساهمة2 صوتين مفيدين
My boyfriend surprised me with a staycation for my birthday and it seems this hotel was newly built! Construction seemed to be happening still but we weren’t sure if it had to do with an expansion of the hotel of sorts or just a store opening up next door. The hotel seemed to have very few parking spaces, though there are car charging stations for a couple of those spaces! We ended up parking at the parking garage - was a bit of a walk, but not too far. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The lobby had a bit of what I would say a modern aesthetic to it, with neon signs in the booths and unique decor. It also has a bar but we didn’t really explore that part much. There was a spacious outdoors area, with huge circle lounge chairs/beds and tables with cool chairs. It didn’t seem like there were many guests but when we explored the hotel, everyone we saw were wearing masks when necessary and staying socially distant. For example, the staff at the front desk always had their masks on but kids swimming in the pool didn’t wear masks (obviously). Our room was quite spacious and we loved how the TV could be adjusted to face wherever you were sitting in the room. Also, there was a mini fridge and coffee machine in the room. Though I have to admit, the flushing of the toilet was a lot louder than expected. I know that sounds silly but that’d be the only “negative” we really had! There are plenty of places for food within walking distance (cafes) or to get food delivered. This hotel is also quite close to multiple attractions, like 10 minutes in any direction would get you to either the botanical gardens, aquarium, zoo, or etc. Overall, loved our stay and would definitely recommend it!
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: يوليو 2020نوع الرحلة: سافرت كأزواج
NashvilleBrian كتب تعليقًا في يوليو 2020
ناشفيل, ‪Tennessee‬432 مساهمة62 صوت مفيد
Since I had to set up Aloft on TripAdvisor, I'm thinking management hasn't really gotten in touch with their customer side yet, so hopefully this will be a knock at the door. First, you'll LOVE this location. It's quirky with the historic industrial feel yet it's not in the traditional feel of the downtown St. Louis hotels. You are on the Metro Line and can walk to your stop within seconds from Aloft's front door. IKEA is a three minute walk down Duncan Avenue, too. The hotel has done an excellent job with its outdoor spaces and the areas near the hotel that they don't control. Pick-up takeout and enjoy the grounds! So why the three-star review to start them out with? Well, there's a lot of things they can and can't control that need some addressing. Can't control (technically, then can, but not without major work): (1) There is no parking on-site. The Marriott website says there is, but there is not. It's a pretty far walk away if you don't know where you're going exactly by the really poor directions they give you. My spouse parked the car at night, and I picked it up the next morning. It's a full 12 minute walk if you take the driving directions, and once you know where you're parked, it's easily a seven minute walk to the hotel. Make sure you unload before you go park. There is no valet or luggage assistance. (2) The hallway floor creak really bad. At least on the fourth floor they do. I was walking during most people's sleep time and I felt guilty with all the floor noise. (3) If you're not not familiar with Aloft, expect no privacy in your room. I don't fault them for this. It's their concept and there is a clear consumer they are catering to, so no points off for that. I've stayed at Aloft before and knew exactly what I was walking into. What I will fault for is the workmanship of the dividers they have between the room and the bathroom. It knocked against something and made a lot of noise. Also, the sink is the size of a Dixie cup with not enough water pressure to propel the water beyond the sink's lip, so shave somewhere else. Can Control: (1) We knew we'd be arriving around 8 pm and would be super hungry. I called the front desk and simply asked, "What is nearby to get carryout?" I was placed on hold for over eight minutes. After like 8:38, I hung up and called back. When I asked this time, I wasn't placed on hold, "But was told, there's too many to you tell you." A simple, "Oh yes, we recommend Blankity-Blank Pizza or Sheedoopty-Doo Cafe" would've been great. I realized I was going to get no help, so I thank them for their time and they hung up abruptly. I kept my inner Karen at bay. (2) We chose the hotel because it was brand new. Being in the middle of 2020's Covid19 mess, new was a priority. The morning employee was nowhere to be found. I believe he was sleeping upstairs. After over 10 minutes of waiting, he finally showed up. No mask. The previous night's attendant was wearing a mask. After I took the 20 minute round trip to my car, he was back at the desk...still no mask. To end on a good note, their mattresses are insanely comfortable. Work the parking woes for that night's sleep!
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تاريخ الإقامة: يوليو 2020
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