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The location of the villa is fantastic along with an amazing view. Nancy's rentals was very easy to work with and everything needed for arrival was received days in advance. When we arrived I was surprised to find the little extra's that were there. When you read fully equipped kitchen you automatically think "oh they mean a few pots...plates etc." not here. The kitchen was very well equipped with all that you might need, down to trash bags and a new bottle of dish soap. we did not have to purchase anything for spot cleaning during the week. The only thing not provided was laundry detergent, which was ok by me because that is a personal choice. We spent Christmas week there and unfortunately it was a bit more chilly then normal and the wall heater did not work properly. There was a space heater that we used in the main living area that worked ok, but there were a few nights that I did sleep in some yoga pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. I would have given this 5 stars but I really think the furniture needs updating, especially the beds. The frames were so flimsy I thought we were going to hit the floor more then once...lol. But did I mention the view....it was nothing short of amazing!!!
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My boyfriend and I stayed in the Bonaire's Studio for a week. We were assigned a parking spot and good thing we have a Smart car due to the fact that we had a tiny little parking spot and a few inches longer and we would have been in trouble cuz we would have been parked in front of the garage. Apparently the more you pay for one of the rentals, you get a garage parking space. We rented the cheapest with no ocean view and no garage parking. Oh well. I have to say it was very clean and charming. We did not use the outdoor area due to the fact that we were running around all day at Sunset Cliffs and such, but it does have nice outdoor shared area with a nice view of the ocean. One of the great things about this location is the fact you can walk...everywhere. Loved that. Two of the things we didn't care for....the very heavy, pounding walking on the floor above us at 3 in the morning and the screeching parrots at 6 in the morning. The parrots are fun to look at watch.....after 6 am. LOL Other than the noise, which you will hear planes flying overhead also, it's a good rental place in a great location. The rental company answered all my questions immediately and I appreciated that. They were easy to work with also.
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I was looking for a reasonably priced rental that was close to the beach and allowed dogs. I stayed at the Martinique for a week. There are 3-4 attached units and this one is off to the side closest to the alley. The place was very clean and had all the kitchen supplies I needed. I didn't spend many daytime hours inside because the weather was beautiful and sat at the beach for hours. There are 2 small neighborhood beaches a 3-5 minute walk away. I preferred these smaller beaches to the crowded large crowded one by the pier. In comparing prices to other rentals in the area it was competitively and reasonably priced. The wifi worked just fine and the bed was very comfortable. I had plenty of room but it was just me and my Labrador staying there. When they say 2 adults, 2 kids I would agree that anything more than that would be a tight fit. The Main Street with all the stores and restaurants is about a 15-20 minute walk in one direction and the cliffs trail that follows along the ocean starts about a 5 minute walk in the other direction. My dog and I walked the trails each morning and its very pretty with a nice breeze coming off the water. I ate at a few of the restaurants in the area and to me I didn't find anything to either recommend or to steer away from, they were just ok. I preferred bbqing on my own and then eating out on the shared patio by the condo. It was 110 degrees back in Phoenix and I was determined to soak up as much of the 65 degree San Diego weather as possible. For the most part this unit is exactly as advertised. Some things I ran into were all 3 bikes were broken, the BBQ wouldn't start (seems the ignition button was broken), this particular unit is right off the main gate and garage door so there was A LOT of pedestrian traffic in and out and the gate and door opening / closing was annoying, the washer and dryer were constantly being used by the cleaning service during the day and the renters at night, sand in the jacuzzi and there were a lot of kids staying there while I was there. This unit doesn't have parking assigned and I can see that as the high season approaches it might be difficult to get a street spot close. I only had issues late at night and on the weekend. I did call about the bikes and the BBQ. The bikes were fixed the following day. These are not the highest end bikes but they are ok to toodle around on. The BBQ had gas but the ignition button didn't work. I went out and bought a $5 lighter and it would start manually. Not a huge deal but I shouldn't have had to go out and buy it especially after I had called it in. Overall this was a good place to stay. I would stay here again but I'd try and stay in a unit that was further away from the gate and had an assigned parking spot.
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تمت ترجمة هذه التعليقات آليًا من اللغة الإنجليزية. هل تريد عرض الترجمات الآلية؟
وشهد دقيقة الماضي التعامل لعطلة استئجار، حجزت عليه. أي ندم!!! وبقيت أنا وزوجتي في "الاستوديو بونير". لا عرض المحيطات من غرفة، ولكن قليلة هي الخطوات خارج الباب، ويمكنك أن ترى أنها!! قصيرة جداً سيرا على الأقدام إلى شاطئ صغيرة جميلة. موقع عظيم، مساكن مريحة. بالتأكيد ستبقى هناك مرة أخرى!!
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وقررت أنا وزوجتي أن تنفق العسل في سان دييغو. أنا أتعجب لها من الاحتفاظ بوحدة ترينيداد في "فيلا ومنطقة البحر الكاريبي". وكان الاتصال مع إنشاء مذهلة وعملت معي للتأكد من الرد على أي سؤال كان لي. أخذت بلدي العروس الجديدة من خلال حق البوابة حتى في "عرض المحيطات" وتحبه كل شيء. وكان مسكن بقينا في فسيحة جداً ل 2 منا. وكانت الكلمة الخشب والأثاث مثاليا لخلق أجواء مثالية. ونأمل أن نعود قريبا!
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