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Sponsored Placements

Stand out. Book up.

Promote yourself and drive more direct bookings with Sponsored Placements

Right place. Right time. Right guests.

Right now, travelers are looking for a place to stay in your area. Make sure your property is top of mind.

Gain exposure

Reach ready-to-book travelers with high-profile ad placements across Tripadvisor.

  • Move up in our search results for hotels near you (it pays to be high on the list)
  • Showcase your property to travelers when they are researching competitive properties

Increase bookings — and profitability

Promote your rates and hotel links in each ad to drive direct bookings.

  • Secure prominent ad placements to stand out against OTAs and save on commissions
  • Use our data and targeting to reach high-intent travelers as they search in your area

Manage and optimize

Understand your performance and design your campaigns to meet your goals. You’re in the driver’s seat.

  • Customize your budget and ad schedule to run for key dates or periods of low occupancy
  • Only appear when your property matches traveler search criteria (Budget, Pool, etc.)
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You can’t afford to get lost in the crowd

Get your own personal billboard on Tripadvisor: Sponsored Placements let you promote your property to high-intent travelers who are ready to book


of hoteliers rated Tripadvisor as an effective tool to drive direct bookings

Source: Jumpshot 2019

Sponsored Placements increased our year-over-year bookings by 25%. ”

David Martinez Urgell, Derby Hotels Collection

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Stand out from the competition to win incremental bookings

Stand out. Book up.

Promote yourself and drive more direct bookings with Sponsored...

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